Wedding Tips



If your wedding reception is exterior look at all possibilities to adding in extra lighting and visit the venue at night to see how much extra light you require. I strongly advise on investing in lighting each table, your dance floor and also adding in small light sources to trees, pathways and other dark areas as this will help to show off your chosen wedding venue.If your wedding reception is interior look at Uplighting all corners and adding in extra led lights or spot lights to dark areas.If you are having nice center pieces made up for each table be sure to light them with spot lights or downlighters.Talk to your dj and band regarding what kind of lighting they will provide. Laser light shows and smoke effects look awful add nothing to your dancefloor area and will cause problems for your photography.Keeping it simple and adding in some extra lighting is a very cost effective way of improving the overall look of your reception 001WEDDING-PHOTOGRAPHY-MARBELLA-SPAIN-

Hair & Make up

From my experience this is one area you should not neglect and invest a litlle more in just like your photography.A very common mistake made by brides is taking up hair and make up offers from friends or opting to look after themselves. This usually results in a far inferior look compared to using a professional. It is no different to purchasing a very expensive designer dress and opting for the cheap Bouquet. 001WEDDING-PHOTOGRAPHY-MARBELLA-SPAIN--2

Keep me by your side

All weddings that i document I try and spend as much time with the bride which includes transport to and from the church/venue. Great moments are captured when you least expect them to happen so ensure I am close by to capture them. 001WEDDING-PHOTOGRAPHY-MARBELLA-SPAIN--3

Let the day unfold

Please remember that every wedding is unique and is a live event.Certain elements that may efect your day like the weather are totally out of your control.As the day unfolds embrace it fully and enjoy one of the biggest days of your lives. 001WEDDING-PHOTOGRAPHY-MARBELLA-SPAIN--4Marbella Wedding photographers - Owen Farrell Wedding Photography